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False Advertising And Marketing

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I agree with Vanessa, I’ve been published with Publish America since 12/2007. To make a long story short. I know a large amount of people who has purchased my book of poetry entitled Eyes through me. My proof came to me as a shock. I had a myspace account and a tagged account. I was amazed by the amount of e-mails which I was receiving was boosting my self-esteem greatly.

I’m talking about people from the UK, Asia, local areas surrounding my home town. Friends and family members as well. My only question is. Where’s the money? I haven’t been sent not one check.

Dear reader, if you’re looking to publish a book. Please do not do it with publish america. That company has messed with the wrong brother, because I stop at nothing. It’s a shame that a company would name it’s self after a great place and then play games with people lives. Or is this how America deals business?
asked May 6, 2014 in Business & Finance by Ronsay

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