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Scam, Nothing Know About Auto Repair

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In response to Racel’s b.s here, my elderly mother authorized the use of her card in the first place, as I paid her in cash. You say a refund has been issued as of today, oh’ really show me some proof because it has not hit my mother’s account. As far as authorization for the use of her card, p.s. It is Christmas and she is sitting next to me reading this. She has a question for you, aren’t you concerned about where your $900.00 that you supposedly put back in her account, which she never received also, she asks where her faxed proof of the refund that you were so eager to fax her are at people, this lady Rachel (ringleader of the Engine RX ring of thieves) kept $900.00 of my elderly mother’s money for a vehicle she has never seen or has touched her property.

I found out the reputation of this business right before I had my vehicle doped there (thanks to this site) These people are thieves, their company is a scam and a front, they know nothing about auto repair, please contact me, and join my list of people just like me, Attorney General Terry Goddard has been sent many letters by many people way back from when Rachel was Best Engine Exchange in Mesa, and Let’s make a deal motors. Look at all the other complaints under Best Engine Exchange in addition to Engines RX, and Lets Make A Deal motors. Little does Rachel know, her little band of thieves is getting ready to be dismantled.
asked May 6, 2014 in Vehicles & Accessories by Xand

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