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SBI deducts my account balance without no reason

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State Bank of India Complaints and Reviews
My name is Mayukh Chander and an army person. I withdraw an amount of Rs 20,000/- in one time on 19-11-2009 by S.B.I. Aicholi (Pithoragarh) ATM, But amount not came out by ATM. But bank deducts Rs 20,000/- in my account.

My account is in SBI Pithoragarh branch and my A/C no is 10886836407. Till date I wondering in these both bank And Bank Manager says “amount was goes out by ATM machine” But amount does not came out by that ATM machine, and this amount I am not receive till date.

Here are some valid points to prove myself i am genuine.

1. That time (19-11-2009 ) When I withdrawal 20,000/ rupees by ATM that time the limit of withdrawal of this ATM was only Rs 10,000/- in one time.

2. Before that day bank does not write any information about withdrawal only Rs 10,000/- in one time, After my incident was happened Bank hang a notice board “Please do not withdrawal more than the Rs 10, 000/- in one time”

3. I say to bank that “Please show me the CC TV footage which show that I collect the amount of Rs 20, 000/-. But they don’t show any CC TV footage.

4. I make case in Bank but nothing be done.

Here are the details S.B.I. Bank where bank’s ATM Money
SBI Aicholi (Pithoragarh)
IFSC Code – SBIN0011328
Bank P/No - 05964-225118, 05964-225503
SBI Pithoragarh IFSC Code - SBIN0000700

My Address :

Mayukh Chander
S/o. Shri Pitamber Bhatt Vellage (P.O)
Bin Dist - Pithoragarh (Uttrakhand) - 262501
Mob No - 09690067345 .
asked Jan 22, 2014 in Banks by Mayukh Chander
reshown Jan 23, 2014 by Divyaa
Hello Mayukh Chander

Did you issued any written complaint to concern branch manager?

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